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Spine Surgery Specialist in Delhi

Spinal surgery is a major operation and is performed only when extreme need arises. Severe back pain is one major symptom and movements of spine becomes very difficult. If it is a simple back pain it will heal with proper rest and medication within two months of time. But if the pain persists it would be recommended to approach a spine surgery specialist who can design an appropriate program for you.

Non-surgical option for back pain

Spinal surgery is the last option for severe back pain. A spine surgery specialist in Delhi may recommend other treatment options which can bring relief and cure the pain.

Pain medication: Medications can bring temporary relief and can be a pain reliever for back pain. Some of the medications include acetaminophen, NSAIDs, oral steroids, narcotic drugs, muscle relaxants, and anti-depressants. But they have its limitations as they are not a complete solution for the problem but just a temporary relief.

Heat and Ice Packs: Heat and Ice packs offers good relief for the lower back pain. It is recommended to alternate the packs and see which gives better effect.

Simple exercise: Some simple exercise recommended by a physical therapist can also be done to improve and bring relief to back pain. This will strengthen and give a good stretch for the back.

Massage: Special therapeutic massage done by a specialist can also bring good relief for the back pain.

Need for spine surgery

Osteoarthritis is a condition where bone outgrowths onto the bone. This reduces the space for the nerves through the openings of the spine.

The ruptured disks which separates the bone of the spine may push tightly against a spinal nerve.

Types of spine surgery done by spine surgery specialist in Delhi

Fusion: Spinal fusion is done by a surgeon by connecting two or more bones to the spine. It will give stability to the spinal structure and relief for the vertebrae. But the fusion process may put a restriction between the bones in the spine and may also limit the stretching. Smoking is strictly prohibited after this surgery as it increases the chance of infection.

Diskectomy: In this procedure the back portion of the vertebrae i.e. the lamina is partially or fully removed to reach the ruptured disc. Here the herniated portion is removed to give relief from the severe pain.

Laminectomy: Laminectomy is a procedure where the surgeon removes the parts of a bone, ligaments or bone spurs which may be putting pressure on the spinal nerves. To give better stability to spinal structure a spinal fusion may also be performed with laminectomy.

Foraminotomy: Here the bones at sides of the vertebrae is cut to give space for the nerve roots to exit the spine. The increased space will give relief and reduce the pressure on the nerves. In this case also a spinal fusion may be done to give stability to the spinal structure.

Artificial disc: Here the surgeon removes the damaged spinal disc and places an artificial disc between the vertebrae. This is an alternative to spinal fusion surgery when the person suffers from degenerated or damaged disc.

Spine surgery is not a simple operation and must be sought out after careful consideration. You can always get opinion of the experts and get confirmation on what type of surgery is needed. It is complicated procedure so make sure to get the assistance of the best health professionals at hand.

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