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Knee Replacement Surgeons in Delhi

Knee replacement surgery is recommended for arthritis or injury on the knee that prevents it from moving freely. The knee comprises of three compartments namely the medial compartment (inside portion of the knee), the lateral compartment (outside) and the patellofemoral compartment (in front portion of the knee). When the cartilage wears off and the bone rubs against the bone, it causes severe pain on the knee. This puts a great strain on the mobility and can prevent you from performing your daily activities. Now this option is sought out when knee pain shows no improvement or the knee develop deformity.

Total knee replacement and partial knee replacement

In the case of total knee replacement all the three compartments of the knee is replaced .While in the case of partial knee transplant only one portion of the affected region is replaced and keeping the other portion intact. Osteoarthritis patients are seen to have affected with one portion of the knee making them opt for partial knee replacement surgery. To go for partial or complete knee replacement would be recommendation of the doctor (Knee Replacement Surgeons in Delhi). Many factors will be looked into like as with the passage of time the other compartment also would wear out. So in such situations would it be better to go for a partial one or just completely replace it with one single surgery.

Recovery after knee surgery

After surgery the patient will need to stay back for 3 to 5 days in the hospital. After the surgery the pain will be relieved but complete improvement will be noticed after about one month of the operation. Since the complete body weight cannot be support by the recovering knee you would be required to walk with the assistance of crutches, walker, or would take approximately six weeks to completely walk with as little assistance as possible.

Simple steps for speedy recovery

  1. Avoid kneeling and squatting after the knee replacement surgery
  2. Climbing stairs should also be avoided.
  3. While lying in bed the knee has to be placed as straight as possible.
  4. Straight back chairs are recommended and recliners should be avoided.
  5. Remove rugs and unnecessary materials off the floor to avoid any fall.
  6. Risk associated with knee surgery

After undergoing a total knee replacement surgery a patient will no longer be able to play sports or engage in jogging or high impact sports. Again this surgery may have side effects like blood clotting, infections and scarring. But this would be the rarest of the cases and all precautions would be done to prevent it from occurring.

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