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Hip Replacement Surgeons in Delhi

Hip replacement also known as hip arthroplasty is procedure wherein a worn out or a damaged hip is replaced with an artificial joint (prosthesis).This is a major surgery which is done when a person has suffered a hip fracture or has severe pain from arthritis. A hemi (half) or complete replacement of the hip can be done depending on the type of damage. The main object behind this surgery is to replace the portion of the hip that causes severe pain which otherwise cannot be controlled by any other medications.

Hip replacement surgeons in Delhi procuring best solutions for you

Hip replacement surgery is a clinical procedure which is performed by the specialised orthopaedic surgeons. The aim of surgery is to relieve hip pain and comprehensively improve hip function. Hip replacement surgeons in Delhi remove the femoral head and replace it with the artificial one. Minimally invasive surgery is the latest technique that takes lesser time for completion and recovery of surgery.

Symptoms that need hip replacement

  1. Severe pain in the hip
  2. Stiffness of the hip
  3. Limited mobility
  4. Walking with a limp
  5. Deformity of hip
Reasons for hip replacement

Old age: Hip arthritis mostly seen for people above 50 years who suffer osteoporosis. Wear and tear of the protective cartilage makes the bone exposed within the joint. Thereby causing severe pain in the hip.

Overweight people also tend to develop this symptom

Hip arthritis might run in the family and as such the patient might suffer from this problem.

Severe traumatic injury to hip or fracture to the joint can cause severe hip arthritis.

How is it diagnosed?

Doctors make a physical examination of the affected area and will get the x rays done to get a clear picture of the injury. These are kept as record for later examinations and to find out how much progress is made by treatment or surgery.


In the hip replacement procedure the worn out cartilage as well bone of hip joint is removed and replaced with artificial material. Here the surgeon makes an incision of 8–12 in (20–30 cm) long on the upper thigh of the patient. Now the hip is basically a ball and socket joint. The socket (acetabulum) is cup shaped while the ball (femur) is the head of the thigh bone. In the hip replacement process the socket is replaced with a plastic/metal/ceramic cup .Then a stem is placed into the femur bone with a metal or ceramic head. Now a days “cementless” prosthesis is also in effect where microscopic pores allow for the body ingrowth from normal femur into the prosthesis stem acetabular cup.

Minimal invasive hip replacement

This is one of the latest techniques and is found to take lesser duration for completion of surgery. In this method the surgeon makes two small incisions of 2-inch (5 cm) and 3.5-1/2-inch (9 cm).Here small implements are used to remove the damaged bone and replace it with new prosthesis this makes rehabilitation.

Other alternatives

Hip replacement is a major procedure and should be done as recommended by the hip replacement surgeons in Delhi. If it is in the beginning stage simple steps can be taken so as to avoid surgery. Losing weight can really help and a therapist can also recommend simple exercise to reduce the discomfort.

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